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Kamis, 06 September 2012


murai batu, murai ekor panjang, cara memilih murai yang baikMurai Batu Bird is one of the best intelligent birds chirping (from the family Turdidae), which is a lot of fans. Caring for birds Murai Batu very easy and fun. The types of birds and the origin of birds Murai Murai Batu stone is widely known in Indonesia, Medan Batu Magpie Bird, Bird Murai Batu Aceh, Murai Batu Bird Lampung, Murai Batu Bird Lahat, Murai Batu Bird Murai Batu Bird Jambi and Kalimantan (Borneo). Murai Batu Bird's voice is very melodic and varied. Murai Batu Bird bird is one of the best singers in the world. Cara Memilih burung Murai Batu, cara makan burung murai, membedakan jantan betina burung murai batu, cara setelan pakan tiap hari.

  1. Easily adaptable, these birds are very easy to adjust to environmental changes.
  2. The easy-tempered brawler. When Murai Batu birds heard or seen similar birds, the spirit of direct combat raged.
  3. Birahi which tend to be easy ride. This bird is very easy to ride lust, many causes that can create increased desire on the birds of this species. Stelan EF (Extra Fooding) is over, excessive drying or see bird stone Murai female, can quickly raise the level of lust.
  4. Easy to tame. Due to the high beradaptasinya ability, it is easy to tame birds to humans.
There are some important things that must be considered in the selection of materialsorgoing to the birds Murai Batu

  • Androgynous male traits Murai Batu male birds can be seen the black coat colorandcontrast strongly shiny and has a longer tail than the female rock Magpie bird.
  • Beak shape, you should select the form of half the stem width, thick, big and long.Partbottom should be straight. Do not choose material that has a crooked beak. The position of the nostrils select close as possible to the position of the eye.
  • Box-shaped head, large round eyes and glared. This indicates these birds have agoodmental combat.
  • Body posture, choose materials that berpostur medium length neck, body and tail andfeetto match. Do not choose material that necked and short bodied.
  • The wings and legs tucked tightly gripping a strong, healthy, indicating the material. The color of the feet does not affect the mental birds.
  • Agile and big appetite. These are the traits of a good mentality.
  • Tail length matching with body posture. Choose the form of a slightly flexible tail.
  • Long neck contains solid. Indicate this bird will issue a maximum sound power.

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